explanation of works


People cherish their own memories of the old days and they often recollect those moments when they run into similar situations. Sometimes when they cannot stand the harsh reality, they escape into those memories. Looking back the old days is not harmful to us; rather, it helps us to manage our lives with more energy and confidence.

The images and emotions of the past experience change their forms and meanings as they get stored in our memories. Those memories ar the result of alteration: they are partly or completely changed by our view or intention. These 'subjectively altered' images are good materials for art works. Artists observe the changes in the images that their emotion and sensitivity create. They also visualize the altered images.

My art works are also created based on the images from in my memories; especially, those with vivid colors works as the motives to my works. The images form my past routine life, which could have been forgotten and lost forever, were re-interpreted, visualized and recorded.

These illustrations in my memores become a shape, and the paper was cut with those shape and re-organized. My diaries are printed on the every piece of paper, and it also show one of the images in my memory. Those images are remembered as vivid color, not a faded old pictures.


Jimin Kim

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